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Cloth & Feather

Clay Striped Lumbar Casa Texture Cushion 40x60

Clay Striped Lumbar Casa Texture Cushion 40x60

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Embark on a journey inspired by the refined abodes of Mérida, Yucatán, where rustic bungalows harmonize with Spanish colonial townhouses transformed into retreats. Our endeavor is to seamlessly merge a unique bohemian essence into the sun-soaked embrace of a Spanish colonial setting. Embrace the very spirit of Spain with the Casa Textured French Linen Cushion, designed to encapsulate this fusion of styles and aesthetics. Elevate your home's design with a touch of elegance that promises to transport you to the heart of a sun-drenched, culturally rich ambiance.


- Textured Pure French Linen

- 40 x 60cm

- Classic Design

- Plush feather filled

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