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Mariana Lamp

Mariana Lamp

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Illuminate your sanctuary with the Mariana Porcelain Bedroom Living Room Table Lamp. This beacon of sophistication isn't just a lamp; it's a statement of exclusivity. Embracing both modern craftsmanship and timeless elegance, the Mariana Lamp offers unparalleled warmth to any corner of your home, making you feel privileged to own such a unique piece.


  • Crafted with finesse, the lamp's delicate porcelain body exudes an air of exclusivity and charm.
  • The creamy white shade diffuses light beautifully, creating an inviting ambience that uplifts and inspires.
  • Perfectly blends with various decor styles, from the classic to the contemporary. 


  • Overall Size: A stately height of 68 cm with a width of 40 cm, making it an ideal size for both accent and functional lighting.
  • Balanced Presence: Weighing in at 9 kg, the Mariana Porcelain Bedroom Living Room Table Lamp ensures stability and presence, giving you the assurance that it will stand the test of time in your home. 


  • Shade: A harmonious cream white to complement any colour palette.
  • Bulb Type: Versatile B22 fitting, welcoming the bulb of your choice to match the desired luminosity.
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